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We think connecting with other folks over coffee/tea & snacks in an informal space like a living room, the local cafe, or at the beach is vital to building gospel-centered friendships.

Our Community Groups are more than social gatherings, however. They’re gospel-centered gatherings in which our primary “landing point” is prayer. We want to play together – “Yes!” – but we also want to pray together. On any given day or night we spend time praying over our church and its ministries, and for one another.

Join a home group today, it's a great way to belong!


Omaha | 7pm

Every second Monday

Jonathan and Cynthia

027 411 6702


Matakana Market Kitchen 11:30am Women's Group

Snells Beach

1:30pm Women's Group

30 Governor Grey

09 425 6242

Algies Bay

1:30pm Men's Group

09 425 4973

SBBChurch Upper Room

7:45pm Men's Group

021 881 650


SBBChurch Auditoriumn

6pm All Invited

Reading through

the Bible


Warkworth | 10am

Jyl's Gaggle Group

021 152 9494

Prayer for Israel

1:30pm at SBBC

09 425 6084

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